A few years ago, when other awful attacks had happened, I mentioned to my Father-in-Law how the world seems such a horrible place what with wars, atrocious murders, refugees having to flee and well, just everything. I admitted my apprehension at bringing children in to such a place. Including my worries for what it will be like for them when they are older. His reply was quick and brilliant and continues to really resonate with me.

We bring children into this world because we want to try and make it a better place.”

At the time I really needed to hear that and now I tell it to myself pretty much daily whenever I read or watch the news.

Yes, we may always share this Earth with horrible, misguided and evil people. But on the flip side there are always those that help the wounded and helpless. Never forget the peacemakers and everyday heroes. Random acts of kindness happen on a daily basis. Pure hearts will always prevail.

If we can continue to teach our children to respect diversity, freedom and their fellow human beings then we are winning.

K x



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