I’ve had poorly children for over a week now. Fen has a particularly bad cough which continually keeps waking her, so I’ve been up since 2am giving her cuddles on the couch. Oscar got in on the action, obviously, and assumed we were up purely for his benefit.


Times like these I have my pick of what to watch on TV. I chose Gossip Girl because I only have a few episodes left of the series. It’s been a while, it all got a bit exhausting what with the backstabbing and sequins.

I forgot how amazingly bad and confusing it is AND how much I love this kind of show. For those who don’t know it, it’s like Bold and the Beautiful but with more glitter.

Fortunately I didn’t need to remember any storyline because I still can’t follow who is friends with who and why the characters make such bizarre decisions.

I did get a bit vomity when seeing Dan use a typewriter to write his book though. I mean, really? A typewriter? With his smart phone and laptop sitting near by no doubt. Yes I’m a complete technophobe but even that was a bit much for me.

Anyway, how will the show end? I genuinely have no idea, but my baby is finally asleep, my lap is warm from the cat and I’m being thoroughly entertained. Not a bad way to spend the early hours. K x

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