Some mornings just start off stressful don’t they? Or maybe you wake up with a bit less patience. Today has been one of those days.

The girls woke at 6am along with Little Man and all three of them wanted feeding immediately. The girls were crying, Little Man was demanding all sorts of randomness. After getting bottles ready and surveying the crime scene that is my kitchen I gave him an exciting bowl of Cheerios and a glass of water.

I always try and feed the crankier twin first but I couldn’t choose this morning so just picked up the one that was trying to eat her sisters head.

She feeds, slowly and at her leisure, while I have the other bub crying hysterically at my side and Little Man asking for various things like when is the sun coming up and can he go swimming. Next thing I know Oscar gets in on the action and starts howling at the back door.

As I juggle feeding the girls and squeeze in nappy changes, I’m continually asked by the boy if he can sit on my knee, to which I constantly remind him that I have to do XY and Z for his sisters first. If only I thrived on Mum Guilt.

The icing on the cake came when he toddled off to his room for privacy and a poop. Why of all shitty moments (pardon the pun) did that have to happen when it did? I could have cried out of pure, year-long-built-up, potty training frustration.

Around 7:45 I put Fen in bed. She often passes out after a feed and self-settles well. We call her ‘the good one’. We call Naomi Miss Fussington and sure enough she lived up to her name of wanting extra cuddles before going down. I actually never mind this part and truth be told they’re both equal in the settling department.

It’s 9:15 before I sit down for a cuppa and some breakfast. I run a list in my head of what I need to do today and wish I didn’t have an appointment later because I could have crossed off ‘getting showered and dressed’.

As I snuggle with Little Man while he watches TV I think, as hectic as it gets I still wouldn’t have it any other way. Like any parent, I have moments of extreme frustration but I’ll always appreciate my life and have a daily sense of gratitude. After all, it’s pretty nice once the screaming stops. K x

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