The day after Little Man’s birthday party was officially the first day I started study. I had tried to do some reading in the week but LM grabbed my folder and started waving it around like a trophy and with the party planning I couldn’t concentrate so prepped everything instead. LM woke me up at 4am and I took the chance to get a few hours in. LM’s teeth were really bothering him and at 4:30am I got him up for some pain relief, bottle and Kevin Time*.

At around 5:15am I put LM down in his cot for some catch up sleep and came back to study. I did pretty well until getting distracted with documenting my progress….

After the house woke up we had breakfast and I again sat down to study. This time Oscar strolled on over and decided the perfect spot for a snooze was on all my print outs, naturally he used the dinosaur planter as his pillow…

I reckon I did about five hours study time all up, so I think I did pretty well given the distractions and the fact I had to wrestle paperwork from Oscar.

Until next time,


* Kevin Time replaced Quiet Time due to Little Man’s joy of watching Grand Designs when relaxing with a bottle. I’m not sure what the neighbours think when I shout “LM, Kevin Time!”

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