My QLD OBGYN (Kirsten) continually advised that I would probably need a scan around sixteen weeks to check the growth of Twin B. The timing naturally coincided with our move so while I had the referral from her, I had to contact my new OBGYN (Dr B) to find out where I needed to go. Cue lot’s of “well this is a strange request” from the reception staff until I said “it’s for multiples” and then they were like “just give her what she wants”.

I had more or less the exact same conversation from the radiology place when trying to book.

With misunderstandings out of the way about what I should or shouldn’t need checking from everyone but the doctors, we made it to the scan place. Little Man decided to need a nappy change about two minutes before we were due to go in so Hubby missed the first few minutes. After LM had eaten the bribe I had stashed away in my bag, he became bored. I think we may have talked up seeing the babies on a TV screen too much because he looked positively underwhelmed by what he was viewing.

Anyway, the guy was very thorough checking both babies over the course of an hour. He admitted multiples weren’t their specialty and that for future scans I would probably go to a resident Dr within my new OBGYN’s rooms – apparently she is known in the area for being a specialist. However, he immediately informed me that the babies had moved – so that explains the huge jabs that caused me to keel over in pain I had experienced the night before.

He told me exactly where Twin A’s head was – yes, that was indeed the spot I had pushed in and now I know I was headbutted in retaliation. I’m on to you Twin A!

Whilst they were in a bunk bed type sitch a few weeks ago they are now more side-by-side but kind of on a diagonal. Twin A is still “Twin A” because that’s the baby that would enter the world first. Of course this could change which means keeping track of them is a little difficult. We were able to confirm which one was which though because of the size difference. Twin A is measuring sixteen weeks and two days (16w 2d) and Twin B is measuring fifteen weeks and six days (15w 6d). So they have both gotten bigger which is great and the size gap appears to be getting smaller.

I continue to get quite a lot of stretching pains and now I’m in that delightful stage where I find it hard to get off the couch or out of bed. The term “roll out of bed” was made for describing a pregnant woman I’m sure! For the past few weeks I’ve also had the pleasure of wetting myself if I sneeze, so that’s been nice. I’m still on that count down though and feel pretty numb to it all. It just all seems too easy and that frightens me, but more on that in another post.

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  1. Rolling out of bed sounds so familiar! It’s funny ’cause most of my memories are a blur and then, I read you describe things and I’m like “oh, that’s right! THAT happened!” I tend to remember just the fun moments like decorating their spot-in-my-mom’s-house-living-room ’cause we were all together in a tiny apartment, but, yeah… rolling out of bed. And feeling like most women feel at their 3rd trimester when you’re only 16 weeks pregnant! Thanks for the reminder before I decide to do this again!!!

    1. Hahaha. It is definitely a different experience to carrying a single baby that’s for sure! I saw my OBGYN yesterday who said I probably already feel like I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I was like – YES!!!! Oh well, another 20 weeks to go! Is it a high possibility you could have twins again?

      1. Honey, the doctor said Id be lucky to have twins again ’cause chances are I’ll have at least 3 if I try again! Something about my ovaries that increases the production as I reach 35!

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