Hiya there, Lovelies!

I thought this type of post would be fun and also to provide a quick glance for people to know a bit about me and some of what I write about.

So here are 10 Facts About Me

1. I have three children and five angel babies;

2. I’m a twin mum (two beautiful, fraternal girls);

3. One of my daughters, Little Red, has been on quite a health journey. I continue to write about our ongoing medical investigations, how we cope with it all and updates on her current issues;
 Butterfly and Hemi-Vertebrae
 Duane Syndrome Type 3
 Spasticity in left leg
 Hypotonia in right leg
 Hoarse voice/reason behind it
 Progressive hearing loss

~ Diagnosis ~

 Cerebral Palsy
 Wildervanck Syndrome
 VACTERL Association

4. I’m originally from the middle of England with a mixture of English and Scottish heritage;

5. I live in Newcastle, Australia and I absolutely love it!

6. I’m a natural redhead;

7. I love all things mid-century and always say I was born in the wrong decade!

8. I’ve been married for nine years;

9. I have PCOS;

10. I’m a total Crazy Cat Lady, always have been and always will be 

According to Katie 10 FACTS ABOUT ME

So now you know a bit more about me (if you didn’t know already!). I should also mention that I’m often described as having a bubbly personality with a typical British sense of humour – FACTS!

Thanks for reading and what would your 10 facts be?

K x


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