As I watch Little Red determinedly try and get Copperhead into a scissor-legged headlock, my mind keeps drifting back to the word “inspiration”.

You see, I’ve had a lot of new followers lately (thank you, welcome and hi!). It’s come off the back of a post I wrote about motherhood. The trouble is, I’m struggling to find the words and time to write something else mildly inspirational. I’ve been putting added pressure on myself to try and make a positive difference in someone else’s a day.

I actually moaned to Hubby how boring and uninspiring my life is. How I’m just like any other parent – mother – getting up and doing the work of ten people. Pretty much all for no thanks too, except a sleepy cuddle at bedtime. Which is where my children are super lucky because it’s one of my favoured currencies!


Raising children is pure inspiration in itself though, is it not? I mean, aren’t these tiny humans just pure joy? Well, yes they are but also, actually, not always.

Parenting is bloody hard work. I get physically assaulted whenever I try to change a nappy and leaving the house for a morning requires the amount of supplies you could live on for weeks in the event of a zombie apocalypse. But on the flip side, it’s pretty cool too.

We’re very quick to heap praise on our children. We repeat stories about them and fill our phones and cameras with their photos. We take pride in them and they can very much become our focus, even our identity. But if you take a step back, most of that is down to us, as parents, yet we rarely give ourselves a pat on the back.


Without wanting to sound boastful or like I’m too big for my boots, I’m giving myself permission to feel proud of myself. This time last year, my Post Natal Depression was so severe I was contemplating suicide. But, obviously, I didn’t do anything except chose to get help. I look back now and I wish I could say to that person how inspirational she is. How she feels like utter garbage but still gets up everyday and parents her babies. How she keeps the house clean, the children fed and how they look so happy in all of the videos and photos from that time.


Little Red has finally succeeded in this weird miniature wrestling match, but Copperhead does not appear to be backing down either so I best go. If you’re still reading this, to the bitter end, with the same steely determination my daughters are showing, then know that your best is more than enough. What you’re doing today is amazing. Inspiration isn’t about magical quotes or moments of clarity. It’s the everyday stuff and the fact you keep waking up to do it.

K x

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