I constantly have doubts about blogging, about putting my opinion, thoughts and life out there. I’m actually a pretty private person so I’m not even too sure why I started or why I keep doing this.

I read how another blogger was asked by a new follower why she does it. Such a strange question, like there needs to be a reason but then I realised I constantly ask it to myself. It got me thinking about how I would respond and the truth is I don’t know. Because I can?

The words come easy to me. I enjoy writing and hopefully bringing a little entertainment or a smile to someone’s day. It’s a release, a way for me to connect in a world where I find it hard to express myself at times. I guess I find the world a scary place. I find the overwhelming amount of information available on a daily basis intimidating. The news saddens me so I try to avoid long periods of reading it. Blogging is a way for like minded people to come together, even if it’s just for a moment, and that makes me happy. I don’t have to venture out of my Katie bubble of sweetness and gratitude for the simple things.

I put my musings and anecdotes out there in the hope it might make someone feel less lonely or normalise what they might be going through. Also, I can never pass on an opportunity to make someone laugh – even if it’s at my own expense.

Sometimes I think about chucking it in purely for wondering about “to what end am I doing this?”. Our lives are filled with such purpose, everything seems so fast paced, always trying to get to the next big thing. Truth be told I sometimes need a minute just to do something for me for no reason other than the fact I need an escape. I know there is no wrong in that so I guess that’s why I do it. Ultimately I think if it makes you happy then you don’t need a reason, and isn’t that just a lovely way to live? K x


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