I wrote this poem a few weeks ago. It just came to me so I quickly wrote it down on scraps of paper and put it in my bedside draw – which I found over the weekend.

My tummy is too big
My breasts now sag
My legs are short
And my mind can lag

I have lightening marks on my hips
A scar upon my top lip
You can see my pores a mile away
And sometimes my hair resembles the texture of hay

My diet is mediocre
My fitness level less than alright
But I could run
If I was being chased by a grizzly bear at night

I know I’m not stupid
But I find it hard to apply myself
I worry that I will one day
Be left on the professional shelf

I have a nice smile
And a kind heart
My intentions are always good
Even from the very start

My eyes will meet yours
As my lips speak my truth
My hands give friendly waves
My arms comforting hugs

Looks can be deceiving
But my heart is pure and true
Now tell me,
Who are you?

Until next time,



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