So, things have been quiet on the According to Katie front. As you know, I’ve been busy setting up my photography business. Combined with sleepless nights, Copperhead having separation anxiety, Little Red seemingly entering the Terrible Two’s and Little Man being particularly trying, things have been a bit full on.


I saw my good mate recently, who caught me off guard when she started a conversation with, “I was talking to my friend about you yesterday…” I jokingly cut in saying I hope it was all positive?! She replied that yes, it was. It was largely about how am I even doing this stuff? How do I cope with the children, home, blogging and now a photography business? And all with no family help too.

I don’t know how you do it. You’re amazing.”

Although I was somewhat flattered by what was being said, (I mean, who doesn’t like being told they’re amazing?) I immediately shook my head. You see, I really don’t think about it in that way.


The reality is Hubby and I are extremely stressed out. There is simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we need to do, let alone want to do. We’re both mentally and physically exhausted beyond exhaustion and I’ve questioned my decision making ability what with choosing NOW to set up a business.

As Michael and The Mothership rightly said (such clever folk, those guys), there is never a good time to set up a business. While I do agree with this to a degree, I also think that if I just wait ten years maybe it’ll be easier?!

Even though we’re far from destitute, extra income would always be nice. We have financial goals we’d like to accomplish, like being mortgage free by the time we’re ninety for example. We also have three children to support; one who eats us out of house and home, one who has a serious pretty dress obsession and one who will probably need bailing out of a teenage arrest at some point. I’ll let you guys decipher who is who.

Plus, I AM enjoying the photography side of things, just like I enjoy writing on here. The truth is though, blogging just isn’t paying the bills. It’s time for me to go back to the drawing board, exactly to where I left this creative idea years ago. I’m excited about meeting new people and completing shoots. Learning new things all the time is getting my brain cogs going and I do feel like I’ll be a better parent for it. I am so ready for this chapter in my life and I think that’s the main motivation. I don’t just want this, I need it. Yes, I’m a mum to small children but I’m still a woman with personal goals.

So, whether time is on your side or not, it’s worth grabbing any minutes you can with both hands and doing something with them. After all, minutes make up hours, and hours make up days and before we know it another year has gone by.



I know I’m not really saying anything new to you guys. Every parent out there is doing a juggling act of sorts. That’s why I shook my head. We’re all just coping and getting through the days. Sometimes it may look like we’re doing it with ease, and maybe sometimes we are, but then, sometimes we’re not. But we persevere because it’s what we do and that’s why we’re ALL amazing.

K x


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