A run down on the month of June…

Looking Confused

A few weeks ago Hubby and I were in the car and the news reader on the radio said “a transformer has caught fire (at a local establishment)”. I’m not quite sure of the look I gave Hubby but it made him reply with “no Katie, they’re not talking about an autobot”.

Not Studying

I decided to defer my exam until the next period. I just didn’t feel like I could keep studying at the moment and would rather get my head straight before attempting it. Good news is I’m currently sitting on a credit so although I hoped for more I’m pleased as I managed that just by working during Little Man’s naps.

Getting Back On The Wagon

We hardly did much walking during the two weeks after losing our baby but with Hubby back at work I decided to crack on with it. I could really tell that I hadn’t been exercising and I truly believe that fresh air does you good. I also started back up with Lite & Easy because of all the comfort eating and generally feeling meh. I plan to do a review on L&E soon.

Getting A Groove On

The week Hubby returned to work was particularly difficult so I decided to cheer myself up by using the power of music – it’s always had a profound affect on my mood. Cue Jamiroquai – and Little Man and I were bopping along like I was back in my youth. Not that I regularly danced with toddlers as a hip youngster but, sadly, my classic jazz hands move has not differed.


Specifically, messing about by creating photo collages, changing my blog title picture (see top of page) and my Facebook cover…


AND I made this in proper creepy-cat-lady style..

His Majesty, AKA Lord Of The Cats, will be most pleased!

Until next time,


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