Yeah, yeah, it’s another one of those posts. Don’t pretend the stalker in you doesn’t love it!

Ginger Comments

A shop lady (in a baby store no less so you think she’d know about this kind of etiquette) speaking to Little Man, “oh what lovely hair, but it’s wasted on you. It’d be much better on a girl“. Slightly shocked that she had just said this to my son’s face I replied “well, I’m sure he doesn’t think so. You like your electric copper locks don’t you darling“. She then slowly backed away realising the error of her stupid ways. In retaliation, LM appeared to deliberately sweep the shelf closest to him that was full of baby food sachets. I didn’t pick them up.

Buying Essential Baby Wear

Receiving My Driving License

And, on inspection of the photograph, realised I am stuck with my serial killer mug shot for the next five years.

Celebrating Australia Day

With our English friends.

Going Swimming

Actually, taking LM to his swim class. I forgot to tell you that when I was booking the sessions the pool person said “ok, he’ll be in the turtle group“, I squealed and got a bit jazz handy and the person said nothing. Nothing. I came to the conclusion that they are either used to this kind of behaviour or they do not think babies being in a swim class called The Turtles is squeal worthy. One day I will show up with some kittens to see if that does the trick.

Watching Oscar & Little Man Interact

With Oscar staying just out of reach on many occasions – here he is behind the kitchen baby gate.

Taking Thousands of Photos

Many of which are severely out of focus. I’m hoping to start the photography course soon.

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