A quick run down on what’s been happening…

Ginger Comments

Repeatedly being told by strangers that Little Man will have a temper because all red heads do. I wonder if this holds up in court, Man I’m Trapped In An Elevator With Who Ran Over My Foot With His Trolley;

Cat vs Human

Being woken up twice this week by Oscar howling on my bedside table and touching me on the lips with his hand all because LM hadn’t woken before 6am. He then looks at me like he’s doing me a real solid;

Visiting Markets & Buying a Cucumber & Succulents

– Getting internally flustered with the lady at the markets who didn’t know what an Ewok was. Seriously, it’s still bothering me;
– Planting my new succulents and writing a post about it (to follow) – trust me, it’s not more exciting than it sounds and will elaborate on how I got talking about Ewoks in the first place;

Starting the New Year Right

– By being determined to get on a health kick and eating all of the chocolate in the house first so it’s not around to tempt me. I feel so good about myself right now;

Being Schooled

By learning what Doctors, Lawyers, Banking Personnel and Florists have in common;

Watching Little Man Play

And repeatedly beeping the horn on his toy car dashboard by headbutting it. I don’t know where he learns these things.

Getting My Drivers Licence Renewal

And trying not to pose too much like Zoolander in the new photo. I mean, the lady said “chin down, don’t smile and look up”, what else was I supposed to do?

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