Well, this is a post that I’m not really sure how to write. I guess I’ll try and give you a bit of a back story. We’ve been in talks about moving to Canada for most of this year, the plan to go mid-2016 depending on if the right internal job for Hubby came up. Our reasoning being so we didn’t have to move somewhere hotter within Australia and where Hubby wouldn’t have to work away like he currently does. We were pretty excited about this (he for the snow, me for being so close to home) and thought we had plenty of time to do things around the house and enjoy where we live for a bit longer. What we didn’t count on was a perfect internal job for Hubby within Australia appearing now.

That’s right, we’re not going overseas but moving interstate to New South Wales in the very near future. I’m still pretty excited because we’ll be living in the Hunter Valley region which is known for its vineyards and historic villages but still only a couple of hours from Sydney – where we both have lots of friends – and close to mountains that get snow in the winter. The weather will be less humid in summer (something that really bothers me living in Queensland) and best of all, Hubby will be home every night. No more working away, no more lonely nights, no more Little Man becoming distressed every Sunday because he knows his Dad is going away.


And yes, we laughed purely at the timing of the pregnancy with Hubby saying “of course it would happen now..!” I will admit though, I’m extremely nervous about changing OBGYN’s, GP’s and hospitals. I’ll be sure to ask for referrals and I’m staying with my current OBGYN until at least twelve weeks which is comforting to me. Another reason why I think everything will be okay because it won’t be straightforward!


I’m the first to admit that sometimes I don’t cope with change very well. I do get anxious as I like my routine and to feel safe in my surroundings. It takes me a while to feel “at home” in a new house because I like to learn it’s creeks, the way it settles at night and what the neighbours do with their days. I obviously don’t mean to imply I’m a nosy neighbour (like Oscar who spends his time time blatantly staring out of the window watching the world go by), more to know the noise is next doors garage opening up because they’re off to work type of thing.

We have lots to do between now and then and we’re still not sure on the exact timeline but we hope to have all moved by October. The fact we will be leaving has made me appreciate where we live all the more. As I drove home at the weekend I had a sudden urge to stop the car, jump out and start touching all the trees down our street. To run down the walking paths I’ve explored ever since LM was a baby. To remember our early mornings at the duck pond and to say hi to everyone we pass in the neighbourhood.

We live in a truly magical suburb where pretty much everyone is friendly, everyone says hello and where I’ve always felt safe. Little Man is known in the village and is often greeted with waves and hello’s when we run small errands. He’s even allowed behind the counter in the newsagents! I just hope that we can find somewhere similar in NSW. I also want to acknowledge the fact that I’ll miss my friends and family and the wonderful part of the world we currently live in dearly.

I feel like I’ve only been in our house for five minutes but it has treated us oh so well. This is where we planted Frangipani trees for George and Zoe, it’s Little Man’s first home and he knows no different. I know kids adapt really well and as long as he is with us he’ll be okay, I’ll explain to him what’s happening and make it an adventure as well as getting his bedroom ready in the new place first. The Mothership says that your memories don’t leave you no matter where you are and I know it’s true but my heart will still miss this place. So much has happened within these walls, it’s been a house full of love and laughs and I can only hope another small family buys it and feels the same when they live here.

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    1. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to email you about it!!! Lol. We were looking at Calgary. We are still very open to it, this was just too good an opportunity to miss πŸ™‚

  1. Oh my gosh! We can totally meet up and talk about Ewoks now!!!! hahaha. Congrats on the move, I am so happy for your family because it will be wonderful to have Hubby home!

      1. It is a big change and you will definitely notice the winters for awhile, but hopefully it will be a very worthwhile change. I think just the extra time your man will have at home will be worth it hahaha.

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