During Christmas and New Year I had another routine growth scan where the doctor informed us that they are starting to see a growth discrepancy between the two babies – namely Twin 2 slowing down. She reiterated that she wasn’t worried because the cord, blood flow, placentas and sack fluid all looked healthy but that I should contact my OBGYN and be more closely monitored.

Week 29 growth scan
Week 29 growth scan
Week 29 growth scan

Now, even though she told me not to panic I of course started panicking immediately and convinced myself I could no longer feel Twin 2 moving as much as usual. I was previously told by my midwife that I should feel movement every hour and if I thought I couldn’t then I should take a moment to really concentrate on it. Cue me doing this obsessively over several days.

Due to being closed over the holidays I only heard from my OBGYN earlier this week where he confirmed that yes, I would have to be more closely monitored with the potential of delivering early. Dr B also mentioned that he’s reassured by the fact I carried Little Man to term and also that scans aren’t always without error. Twin 2 is still sitting/hiding behind Twin 1 and so the measurements are tricky to get – it could very well be that the scan isn’t accurate simply for that reason.

I have to admit that the confidence I once had with this pregnancy has been replaced by that all too known fear and while I’m trying to rest as much as possible and remain calm it’s hard not to fixate on the what if’s.

I just want my babies delivered safely, not too early and without health complications. In my heart I know this just has to have a happy ending. I’ve gotten this far and I’m not going to back down now.

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Disclaimer : Header photo taken by Brian of Brian G Photography.

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