‘Twas a week before Christmas when the doctor called to tell me that I had gestational diabetes. Cut out sugar, he said. One. Week. Before. Christmas.

After the call, I calmly put down my remaining KFC and rang Hubby to tell him and then contacted the specialist my Dr had referred me to where I thankfully managed to get the last appointment of the year.

A few days later, off I went and was told that I had to start recording my blood sugar levels after meals. I use a delightful little finger needle four times a day and because I heal like Wolverine it’s not caused any discomfort. I also grabbed a quick guide to low-GI food and made some small changes to my usual spread in the supermarket that afternoon. I was also, quite scarily, provided with insulin pens should I need them over the Christmas period but I’m happy to report my levels have been steady and the insulin hasn’t been needed. The thought of jamming a needle into my stomach area kind of puts things into perspective on the sugary treat front! I’m noticing how the tiny changes to my diet and eating small but often has made a real difference. Things like wholemeal bread versus grain bread and untoasted compared to toasted muesli is something not really worth noting with your taste buds but really does have an overall impact.

The day after seeing the diabetes specialist I was in with my OBGYN where I was also informed I had low iron – no problem, I just take an extra supplement now and am less zombified throughout the day. The babies are also measuring normal (I was worried about them being larger due to the diagnosis) but both are fine and hopefully stay that way if I can keep managing my blood sugar in a healthy way. Blood pressure is still the lower side of normal but that should increase as I get bigger.

And, I think that’s about it. I’m super excited about my upcoming growth scan because it’s the first one Hubby has been able to attend. I can’t wait to see his face when the babes come on the screen so clearly and hopefully we’ll get some more 3D shots too.

I’m slowly losing my belly button which is pretty gross but all in all, everything is going well and I’m looking forward to getting to thirty weeks as that’s a big milestone in my mind.

I hope all my readers are having a great Christmas (if you celebrate) and I’m not going to go into what we’ve been up to because it’s all starting to get a bit stale now (bah humbug!)

Until next time,


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