No major things to report which is a good thing!

Earlier this week I had my OBGYN appointment with Dr B and that morning, whilst being maneuvered out of the shower stream by a water-greedy Little Man, I had a huge dizzy spell. I’ve never experienced “seeing stars” before and became really light-headed and began retching due to nausea. Luckily The Mothership was here so I called for her to take care of LM and I sat down on the couch where thankfully it passed pretty quickly. Turns out it’s the good ol’ low blood pressure.

The doctor said I’ve done well to never have experienced it before – with LM – or before now because it’s pretty common in pregnancy. He said it should ease off around 28 weeks as my blood pressure will probably increase with the weight gain. So silver linings all round then.

As Dr B scanned me we noticed the babies basically giving each other what can only be described as Glasgow kisses. I can say that since I have Scottish heritage from that part of the country. One also appears to be wearing a batman mask. He assured me that they couldn’t get through the membrane that separates them even though they look like they’re giving it a really good go.

Both sacs look nice and even – as in the fluid they’re swimming around in. Apparently with twins there is the danger one will start to take more nutrients and therefore a sac (and fluid) would become noticeably smaller. Obviously if this is going to happen the later in pregnancy the better.

Delightfully he also told me that my womb is measuring approximately 32 weeks. So that’s why I feel like Humpty Dumpty? I don’t think it necessarily means the babies are big or I’ve put on too much weight (so Hubby tells me) and that I won’t always continue to be 8 weeks ahead so to speak. He mentioned the word “linear” but I think I was in shock as I didn’t really hear that part of the conversation. Maths was never my strong point anyway. Except that Hercules or Pythagoras guy, he always looked pretty hot in my text book.

And I think that’s about it for baby stuff.

OH! I’ve been purchasing THINGS!!!!! I am so excited to show you what I got so I will take some photos and do a post. Little Man helps by “giving them to the babies” which involves lifting up my dress or top and balancing them on my tummy. It’s all well and good until security asks to frisk me on the way out of the store.

Until next time,



  1. Omg your cat snuggling your bump awww! Glad you are doing well, though dizzy spells are not nice but hopefully that will ease off soon. Look forward to seeing your pics. xx

    1. Hahaha, yes he loves his little massage pillow! I actually cannot believe how much I’ve purchased. Completely different to my pregnancy with Little Man where I had hardly anything x

      1. Have you kept a lot of little mans stuff? I do not remember if you said if you are waiting to find out sex, maybe I missed that. It must be so lovely buying for them, so exciting. ๐Ÿ˜€ x

        1. Yes but then I also gave a lot of it away. I saved around 3-4 nappy boxes full of tiny clothes which are a big help but they’ll be in onesies for the first year anyway! Worse case scenario I just stock up on $4 ones! I hardly got anything when pregnant with LM, I received a few gifts but I just asked everyone to wait. No baby shower, no nursery prep. This time I’m doing things differently and it feels good x

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