I know it’s said that no two pregnancies are alike however, this pregnancy is SO different from when I carried Little Man and I believe it’s solely down to the fact there are two babies in there. So, how exactly have they differed?

& how to stand awkwardly while having your photo taken…

Wow! In the first trimester I remember feeling ill with LM but nothing like with the twins. I was sick 24/7 and could only eat crackers. Luckily I never vomited but it was a horrible continuous feeling. I now hate a certain brand of cracker because it was all I could choke down!


Now then, this has got to be the worst experience of my entire pregnancy. It eased significantly after I moved to Newcastle but even with going to bed at 8pm, napping for two hours each day and pretty much resting every afternoon I still felt more than tired during the first twelve-fourteen weeks or so. I have never experienced exhaustion like it before and it will be one of the main symptoms I will not remember fondly!

One of many nap times with Oscar!

I pretty much popped around seven weeks. Or maybe it was bloating but still my tummy got hard and round really quickly. Since you supposedly measure four weeks ahead it’s not surprising really.


Hard and round can also be said for this topic! They continue to have their own gravitational pull and I’m amazed at the difference between now and with LM.


So many growing pains. It seems every other week my tummy gets this awful tight feeling that can only be described as being mid sit-up after already completing one million trillion sit-ups. I find the stretching feeling really aches when I walk until it gradually eases off after a few days as the twins have made more room for themselves and I noticeably look bigger.


If I don’t drink enough water they are really really painful. Compared to LM’s where I only felt tightening sensations in the third trimester these BH have been happening for weeks already.


Which leads me to say that although I’ve not really had many weird cravings or food aversions I have found I cannot drink enough water. I try to stay hydrated but the twins pretty much take everything! I’ve also noticed that some days I am extremely hungry. Like ravenous to the point I’m picturing Oscar and LM as little bananas just like when the minions hallucinate! And milk… Oh. Em. Gee. So delicious!


Yep and then some! I had flutters really early on and then when the babies would do some major flips I actually gasped in pain – completely the opposite to LM’s gentle nudges! I now get kicks and only minimal discomfort when they’re obviously rearranging the furniture or something. It’s pretty lovely to say the least but I still have no idea who is doing what in there!


I think, because this is also my second pregnancy that is seemingly going to be successful, I know a little about what is coming. The fact I have a planned C-Section booked does take away some of the unknown thrill of labour but I also feel a certain calm from having that level of control and an end-date goal. If you are a long time reader of my blog and know my history then obviously you are more than aware of my misgivings and open fear towards this pregnancy, however, the early movements were incredibly reassuring. I’ve had a certain higher level of care because they are twins, especially regarding the growth discrepancies so I’ve had more scans than usual. Seeing the babies more has not only helped me to bond but given me appointment deadlines to focus on. Knowing I see different professionals regularly makes the waiting so much easier and admittedly I feel like the bundle of nerves I once was has dispersed.

Yes there was a certain panic about “how the heck do I cope with two newborns” but now the dust has settled I know I can handle it. You just do what you gotta’ do and, as I’ve previously mentioned, the fact I’ve had LM and a practice run means I know a bit about what is coming and can be prepared in some way. I’ve decided not to focus on the “flippin’ hell there will be TWO of them and I’m not going to sleep ever again” and just go with the “yay, there will be two of them and I get to buy double the tiny clothes” mentality! In all honesty, I’m getting ridiculously excited and have even started sorting out LM’s old baby clothes and actively nesting. This in itself is very different to LM’s pregnancy where I pretty much did nothing until he arrived.


I’ve noticed the hair growth on my arms has decreased significantly and although I occasionally get that “OMG I am so hungry I could eat this chair before I pass out and/or start sweating profusely” feeling it’s been no where near as bad as what it can be (insulin/low blood sugar). Since the twins have pretty much taken over the space where all my major organs used to be I now eat little and often, which is perhaps how I should just do things anyway. I think, in the case of PCOS anyway, your hormones get corrected so the symptoms are a lot less problematic. This seems to be my experience anyway.


Both of my OBGYN’s told me that I would feel like I was in the third trimester for nearly the whole of the pregnancy and geez were they right. I’ve spoken to women who have had twins and obviously stories differ so this is just my take on it. However, nausea and exhaustion seem right up there at the top of everyone’s tales!

Have you had or are you pregnant with twins? Maybe you know someone who is/has been and can share a story or two? I’d love to know more about multiple pregnancy experiences.

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