Due to all the baby stuff taking center stage (who could blame them though, really? I mean, cuteness overload or what!) I’ve only briefly mentioned on my Facebook page that we bought and moved house during, well, everything.

As these stories tend to go, it all happened really rather quickly. Way back in November, Hubby emailed me a link to the house, I saw that it was open in fifteen minutes and quickly jumped in the car with Little Man and The Mothership. Cue a big misunderstanding by the real estate putting the wrong day on t’internet but coming out to see me anyway and voila. The rest is history as they say.

It sounds like I dropped a bag full of cash during the inspection but in reality Hubby went to see it the following day and we did all the boring stuff like put in an offer, wait anxiously, arrange building and pest and then be happy about the bank plunging us into a mountain of debt.

Big props to Hubby who pretty much did everything. I swanned about being round and talking about carpet colours and how important storage is in a home. Oh, and looking obsessively at Pinterest mid-century modern things since this is a 1950/60s house.

Compared to our last house that was ready to go as soon as we moved in with only a glitter lilac feature wall in the master bedroom to be immediately painted over (why would we do that I hear you cry?). This new home can only be described as a true fixer-upper.

That dreaded word “potential” has now taken on new life and is being seen in a good light. Of course we have no money to do what we’d love to but we have bedrooms, a kitchen, a garden and views to die for.

AND – best of all, I get to have a proper nursery for the girls without compromising a guest bedroom (we have family stay with us regularly) because there is a self contained granny flat for visitors downstairs. I’m super excited at spending time in there getting it ready. Well, I say time when actually I mean in the few seconds I grab between feeds and cuddles! ALSO, the garden! I am so looking forward to landscaping. Obviously this will take time but I’ve already got some ideas that include a pool, separate granny flat, lawn, deck and garden beds containing my beloved cacti and succulents. There is also the exciting task of finding a place for all of my gnomes (which I’ve only recently discovered Hubby hates. I know, I was as shocked and appalled as you are but I will save this story for another day – it’s still too raw).

Naturally I’ve also been watching Grand Designs and Mad Men on a regular basis to get the renovation juices flowing. Strangely I’ve also developed a desire to work in advertising and enjoy a good scotch at 9:30 in the morning…

Until next time

K x


  1. Katie! This is so exciting! Congratulations! How wonderful for all of you and especially with that great space for visitors. Sounds perfect.
    Oh dear be careful of Pinterest haha I have been all over that lately with us about to move into our new place and it is the Internet equivalent to the rabbit’s hole in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland hahaha.

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