Two weeks ago today, I said goodbye to Oscar. He was undeniably and unashamedly one of my best mates. My family. He was with us through some challenging times but also through some amazing life changing moments. I miss him every day. The house feels empty, strange and simply like something is missing.

Me and the kids say hi and bye to him whenever we enter or leave the house (which is always via the back garden); the girls have even taken to patting the paver that sits over his grave. I don’t think they fully understand what’s happened but they know that something significant has.

I’ve cried a few times. Expecting to still see him has caught me off guard. Then the fact I did remember he’s gone set me off again.

Above the grief, when I think of my furry friend I smile. We had a good life together and I’m honoured that we could do that for him. Oscar was a rescue cat and I shudder to think what could have become of him. No, instead I had a loving little pal for ten years. Which makes me forever thankful he came into our lives.

K x

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