I don’t normally post about things going on in the media but I feel like I need to on this particular subject. Firstly let me just say, this is not an opinionated piece about Donald Trump nor American’s in general. It is purely about the gun control topic. Well… maybe a bit of Trump. I also want to express my utmost sympathies for all of those that have been affected by the recent Florida shooting. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Now, I grew up in England where gun crime was pretty non-existent. I’ve never held a gun, let alone shot one. I have no desire to because to me, guns are very foreign. I wasn’t raised with them being a common thing or to think that I would ever need one.

Since moving to Australia, my views are more or less the same. I’m not even too sure I know anyone that owns a gun, unless they do because they’re a police officer. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I was brought up in a culture where no one really thought that they must bear arms. It’s not because there wasn’t crime, it’s because that sort of crime was few and far between.


Have you ever heard that saying? I believe the analogy is that nothing really gets solved by doing it. This is how I feel about the suggestions of putting more guns into circulation because regulating gun control is in the Too-Hard Basket.


I can’t believe this was the suggestion by the “leader” of the United States. Let me be very clear about this – if my son went to a school where the teachers were armed, I would be thinking What. The. Actual. Fork.

The idea makes me very nervous and also pretty angry.

Teachers are there to teach. They may already have a hard enough job trying to get high school students interested in the curriculum. They are not there to protect our children from armed intruders wanting to massacre as many people as possible. Regardless of their training, the onus should not be on them when this kind of event is happening.

For years we’ve heard about hero teachers who have shielded students with their body and lost their life protecting them. So, I’m not saying that a teacher might not be capable, I’m saying that they shouldn’t have to be.

Instead of actually trying to combat why mass shootings keep occurring, this suggestion is just saying “well, it’s going to happen again so we’ll just throw more guns in to the situation”. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. These are real people with a right to work, teach, learn – LIVE – in a safe environment.



The term “gun control” (and all the laws and policies it relates to) simply justifies the argument for the right to bear arms. Using such a small part of the law so that no more questions are asked seems like such a cop-out to me. I hate to use my Mum Tone on you, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Smoking tobacco is legal – it doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it.

Here is where I go back to the cultural differences. I totally respect that all countries have them, by the way, it’s what makes the world interesting. But it seems that some American’s are so fixated on the RIGHT to do something that it’s clouding judgement.

Let me tell you a story. Recently Hubby was in America for work. One weekend he went to a gun show. He told me that families were there with their children. Apparently he held several guns and was told he could easily buy one even though he was only visiting for a short period. Erm, okay. That’s cool I guess.

FYI, it’s really not cool.

I personally don’t understand how a gun show is even remotely a “child-friendly” activity. Are there no museums or parks?

Secondly, Michael could have got a gun. Sooooo, maybe ease of access, slack checks and ethics surrounding the mentality of the right to bear arms are a big part of the problem Mr President. Hiding behind the law might be legal but is it the right thing to do?

I don’t mean to sound condescending, but it seems quite obvious to me that there is no control over gun control.


I don’t have it, and it’s not my place to start spouting my opinions on what should and shouldn’t happen. I’m just really hoping arming teachers isn’t the outcome. I think it would be a real shame to send children to school in an environment that has a false sense of security of being prepared for another mass shooting. The crux of the problem isn’t being tackled and I feel like the rest of the world is kind of watching on in horror.

I shudder to think that more mass shootings may happen because of a reluctance to actually regulate, govern and look at the existing policies. I wouldn’t even go as far to say completely remove the right to have a gun, but clearly something needs to happen with the ease of access to various and, perhaps, unnecessary types of firearms that civilians can get.

I’ll end by saying that America is very much a place I would love to see more of, but honestly, I wouldn’t want to raise my kids there. Not right now and not with so many major issues seemingly nowhere near to being resolved. With the way that things might go though, if we did live there, I would be home schooling for sure.

K x


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  1. These random spiteful mass killings are carried out by cowards, that’s my opinion. So I think they would not cause as much damage if they had to use other weapons other than firearms. Therefore less guns, less killing! A weapon makes you feel powerful and that’s what a coward needs. X

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