I’ve been a bit MIA for a few weeks. I’ve wanted to write, I really have but something has been blocking it. There can be a vulnerability with blogging, a desire to share but also, I feel, a need to get your sh*t together before doing so. I’ve had to take some time for myself this month, researching Cerebral Palsy has taken precedent in the little internet time I find I can have without interruption. I’ve been keeping busy, wishing away time to the next pediatrician appointment.

However, I hope to return to regular posting as of, well, now. My aim is to post Monday and Friday mornings (Sunday and Thursday evenings for the UK crew). I’m planning on dedicating more time to it because I’ve finally got a good daytime sleep routine going with the girls *high five*.

Yes, life certainly gets busy with the three cherubs but I need to do this. I need to claim back the tiny piece of internet I once had and have something that’s just mine, something that keeps my creativity alive and kicking as well as the brain ticking over. In a future of unknowns I’d like a familiar constant. Maybe the fact routine is a great comfort to me is driving this too. I feel like I can’t control the medical stuff that’s happening over here (I’m gesturing with my left hand wildly by the way) but I can at least get a handle on things at home.

I’m not a mummy blogger, I wouldn’t call myself a lifestyle blogger either. I’m just a woman doing her own thing in life who also happens to be a mum and enjoy writing. I guess it’s a diary of sorts but also somewhere I can maybe raise a smile in a reader or offer some quiet support. I’m also acutely aware that my kids may read this one day so it’s something for them too.

Anyway, I look forward to having this place again. A place that’s been a little neglected but still something I’m extremely proud of. My blog is unashamedly me; honest, open, thoughtful, lighthearted, friendly and maybe a bit cheeky. Perhaps, at times, a bit misunderstood and emotional but hey, that’s okay. K x





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