I had my nuchal translucency scan well over a week ago but it has taken me this long to be able to update you all because we’ve officially moved out of our house so I’ve been stupidly busy with all that kind of boring stuff. I wrote a brief update on my Facebook page but, as usual, there is always a bit more detail than a status can provide!

We were referred to a specialist doctor, Dr L, who only scans high risk and multiple pregnancies. She informed us that Twin A (the bigger babe) is on the bottom whilst Twin B (in her words, “the small but feisty one”) is on the top. A bit like a bunk bed situation! Dr L said the locations were unlikely to change as it would need some major flipping, and, if they’re anything like my family who aren’t known for being the most agile of movers, they will stay comfortably put.

Everything looks good, both babies have a head, limbs and cute little bottoms for example, and she instantly clarified that they are fraternal twins in two different sacks with two separate placentas. This is what we were hoping for because the risk is lower compared to identical twins – there is also the chance for different genders which is pretty exciting!

Like most things with me that are pregnancy related, there was a tiny bit of concern regarding Twin B who measures four days younger and has a significantly smaller placenta. Dr L (and Kirsten) told us that it is unusual for twins to be different sizes, especially in these early days. However, since Twin B has always measured around four-five days smaller I feel confident that all will be okay. Apparently I’ll need more monitoring just to make sure Twin A doesn’t start stealing all the nutrients and Twin B continues to grow at it’s rate (which has been normal, just slightly behind the other one regarding the timing).

Both babes have been given a one in ten thousand chance of Down Syndrome along with the two other chromosome abnormalities they check for at this scan. I haven’t had my blood test results to go along with the scan yet as I receive them tomorrow from Kirsten (my OBGYN) but I’m hoping the number doesn’t decrease. I can’t remember what Little Man’s rating was but Dr L assured us the chances are very low of any issues.

I’ll admit that the first time around with Little Man I was of course concerned about having a baby with Downs but not to the point where I was really really anxious about it because, in all honesty, I just didn’t care. This time I have noticed my fear has increased simply because I’m already worried about how I’m going to cope with the two in general what with limited family and friend support due to our move.

Anyway, time will tell I guess but I’m feeling positive about it all. I’m starting to feel kicks most evenings now when I lie down to watch TV. I’m proper showing which is good because I no longer look like I have a huge food baby but I’m also entering the stage where I need to start purchasing some tents maternity clothes.

I want to end with saying that I’m enjoying seeing my body change. At first I was a little bit freaked out with what to expect and how big I might get but now my tummy is taking shape I just feel in awe of what is actually happening in there.

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