Family, friends and readers of my old personal blog will know many of Oscar’s quirks.

They include but are not limited to:

Sleeping Habits
1. On top of the washing machine in laundry powder after I’d spilt it everywhere and then smelling distinctly fresh for a few days;
2. On newly folded, clean laundry that I have yet to put away;
3. On damp towels that have been left out for washing;
4. In the middle of a Lego city that I spent days building so he was like some Cat-zilla;
5. On my chest in winter, presumably to keep warm or (the not yet ruled out reason) to suffocate me;
6. In sunbeams.

Scratching & Clawing
1. New wooden dining room table;
2. New leather sofa;
3. The TV;
4. Curtains;
5. And lastly, I keep waking up with mysterious scratches on my hands so I think Oscar is having some fun in the night…

1. Nope. No hunting stories here. Except for stalking me and jumping out in the night that is.

Eating & Drinking – in order of preference
1. Shower water;
2. Bath water;
3. Sink water;
4. Water from my or a guests glass;
5. His water bowl.

Oscar is such a loving and funny little character that life would certainly be dull without my fur baby! Plus, he already entertains Little Man by rolling around in front of him during playtime. I can already imagine the hijinks’s my two boys are going to get into!

Be prepared for more of Oscar in the near future as he is sure to do something post worthy. And if he doesn’t, I’m a cat-lady so I can talk about him at length anyway! Ha!

Until next time,




  1. Katie, I've just discovered your blog – fabulous!! What a great read and I love your recipes and home interior stuff – exactly my style! Love it 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Eliza, your message has made my day! I've been window shopping this week so will be sure to post my finds soon. There is even a strange deer plant pot that I just can't stop thinking about…

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