So you want General Ramblings AND Oscar do you?


I’m assuming the other options of recipes and photography weren’t requested because they’re not very good? Well, it’s a good thing I’m not insecure. You may however start to hear a faint sobbing sound but it has absolutely nothing to do with this!

I kid, I kid.

I’m actually really pleased general ramblings and Oscar were picked because, let’s face it, it’s what I can do with little effort on my part. Also thank you so much for those who voted, I was pleasantly surprised by the number (unless it was just my Dad clicking the Oscar category over and over again).

Well, I don’t want to disappoint you so h
ere goes; yesterday I met some friends at a shopping center where there wasn’t really anything to report. Just the usual happy feels and chit chat.

Little Man fell asleep in the car before leaving the car park so I decided to go home the long way around and drive past the sandy beaches. It was bliss and I took the time to think about what I’d like to share with you. It was at this moment I saw a woman with a weird backpack on and holding some gun/blower thing. I’m convinced she was a Ghost Buster. What other logical explanation is there? I mean, really.

The afternoon went on as normal until it came to change LM’s nappy where he had done a number two. Now, this next bit might get a bit gross so I’ll summarise it for you in the tone of Yoda. Tug of war, dirty nappy between us. Everywhere it went. On the walls, child covered he was.

 After our usual nap time, dancing around, Skype and tea we got ready for wash time where Oscar and I got peed on by LM who was happily nuded up and completely oblivious.

The joys of Motherhood.

Until next time,





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