Before Little Man was born I purchased a Sleep Sheep for him and one for my Dad (who has trouble sleeping, not because he’s a man-child).

Anyway, it works wonders and when Little Man was in our room, Hubby even asked to “put it on again” to help himself drift off into dreamy land.

It has four sound settings.

– A heartbeat;
– Ocean;
– Rainforest;
– A whale.

I always put it on ocean sounds because I think it’s the most soothing but I’ve always wondered why oh why are there whale noises in a sleep SHEEP? (I’m trying to get my point across by using capital letters).

I have visions of my son being at school and the teacher asking “so what sound does a cow make?” and the kidlets go “mooooooo”, and then Ms/Mr Know-It-All up front asks “what noise does a sheep make?” and, in unison, all the children go “baaa baaa” but LM starts going “mmmawaahhhhh” because he honestly believes that is what a sheep sounds like.

I’m digressing hugely because I originally started this post wanting to tell you that I think I’m raising a baby genius. You see the Sleep Sheep is supposed to last for 45 minutes but it keeps abruptly stopping before this at varying times. I’m thinking LM has worked out how to turn it off.

Either that or it needs new batteries.

I’m not sure how to change them so will have to wait until Hubby gets home from work. Until then there is potential for the neighbours to hear me making sounds of the ocean in a bid to help LM drift off to sleep. Unfortunately for LM sound effects have never been my forté. I do a pretty good cockney accent though.

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