A while ago Little Man’s daily routine included him throwing tantrums during the time after tea and before bath. I recognised this as boredom and so the only thing to do was to get out of the house (partly so he wouldn’t keep doing all the naughty things he does for attention and to spare the neighbours continually hearing me say “do you want a timeout?” followed by LM’s howls of laughter at my attempts to discipline him) and walk around the burbs.

Admittedly my folks started this during their visit to give me time to study but I started to join them as it was really a nice way to end the day and LM loves it.

He watches the dogs being walked, the kids playing, birds flying overhead and continually peeks around in his pram to make sure we’re all still there. Here are some photos I took on one of our first walks.

I suppose I came on here to tell you about this particular walk but also how I hope this new routine will help me get fitter, shift some kilos and I’ll possibly make some suburban friends who all live within walking distance. I’m lucky to live in a place where pretty much everyone says hello, stops to chat and is super friendly.

Previously, I’ve mainly been put off doing it because it gets so hot here but due to the time we go out it’s cool enough to not wear sun cream or get heatstroke before you’ve left the driveway. I am starting to genuinely look forward to going out for our walks so expect more posts with close up pictures of leaves, paths, trees and what not!

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  1. I love the walks, even in the rain…LM sitting bolt upright…..clearly leading the way, peeking round checking on his entourage……Happy Daysxxxx

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