So, I recently mentioned that we were making the garden Little Man proof. We (not to be confused with me) spent a good weekends worth of work clearing some of it but in the end we decided that we had no choice but to roll up our sleeves and pay someone else to finish it.

What happened next was four guys and their big machines who went hard at it for a few hours (sounds a bit rude when I read it back but what can you do? I mean, it’s a fairly accurate description). And hey presto, we have a completely clear garden! Yippee! (Not without it’s issues though – mainly in regards to the stump grinder subcontractor – more on that later).

What we also have is no privacy screening. Boo! I guess that’s Naked Tuesdays out the window for a while.

So, in a desperate attempt to get the job done all with minimal effort on my part I called a few gate/fence/landscape people and considered settling on a landscaper that said he could do everything I wanted. I merrily described my dream garden and tried to maintain a poker face when he told me the approximate cost of such an exquisite suburban wonderland that I had word-painted. I quickly came to the conclusion that some of it simply can’t be done. Yes folks, there will sadly be no gold-plated floating walk way to my vegetable patches, no authentic Italian marbled water feature or a majestically exotic selection of succulents as far as the eye can see and instead we will throw some grass seeds down and hope for the best.

On the plus, what we have decided is that a landscaper can do some of the big work for us, like the retaining walls, and we’re thinking of using a separate installer to work on our garden gates and the privacy screening within the walls. We have also established that I will have the more Realistic-Katie tasks of planting some cheap and easy to find succulents and making drinks for everyone (AKA Hubby and my Dad) while they work on our garden over the next few months! Yay!

I will let you guys know what issues occurred with the stump grinding on a separate post when I have the energy to go into it. I’ll also try to get my before and after photos ready for your viewing pleasure…

Until next time,




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