Okay, it’s been a while since any garden updates and I still have heaps to show and tell! At the end of my last post on the subject I told you about the Grandparents Day we held where we set up the garden for Little Man with lots of early Christmas presents.

We all had bets on what he would go for first. Dad and I guessed right as it was the car. LM must have easily spent two and a half hours in there – refusing to come out – before his lunch and midday nap.

We tried to get toys we thought he would enjoy as well as for learning. Since he’s at the age where he loves helping we were excited about his reaction to this lawnmower, complete with realistic sounds. Sure enough, he mows the grass nearly everyday when I ask him and helps Hubby when the grass is actually getting cut.

Mowing the, eh, weeds.
Mowing the, eh, weeds.

We also planted a herb garden and strawberries which we water everyday with LM’s help. He gives me my watering can and grabs his own. Although not much of a talker, he understands most things I say to him so he’ll run ahead and start on the strawberries whilst I fill up my can.

Spending time in the garden with my little helper.
Spending time in the garden with my little helper.

These photos were taken in November and December so the garden has actually changed a little. We’ve recently planted a lime and a pomegranate tree, a passion-fruit vine and blueberry bush and hung up some solar lights around the BBQ area. We’ve added compost bins which are already like a little worm haven and Hubby installed a new pump to the rain water tanks so I can easily use the hose and be content in the knowledge it’s not eating into clean, drinking water. We plan on adding some fence additions to where it dips weirdly in the corner and to plant the corner bed with lots of tropical plants.

It’s still a little off from the completed image I have in my mind but I’m confident that once the plants have had a year to grow it will closely match it. I’m really happy and am so looking forward to planting more succulents and finalising that part of the yard before moving on to the other side – which we also have big plans for including a big man-cave for Hubby! I actually enjoy being out there now (when not seeking sanctuary in the air-con), it’s super low maintenance and I have become quite obsessed with looking at the agave after a storm to see how much they’ve grown! I also cannot wait to pick fruit with Little Man.

The front garden is a separate project in itself and we do have plans for it so we might attempt some of the work ourselves as well as using the landscapers again. All in all, still lots more to do out there but boy, it’s off to a great start.

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