I finally got off my behind and sorted out some before and after shots for you… please try to contain your excitement!

Okay, so the first one (above) is of Little Man supervising Hubby and The Godfather (aka Old School Chum) digging out and removing the veggie patches. We had three altogether so we’re keeping one, The Godfather is having one and his dad is having the last one.

After the two veggie tins had been removed – see before here.

Next, we got a tree lopping contractor who did a great job clearing all of our awful trees, shrubs and poisonous plants (thanks to the person who lived here before us and who, apparently, used to mow the lawn in a pair of speedos and a fluro t-shirt. If this sounds sexy to you I will withhold the fact that he was in his eighties). Unfortunately the stump grinder subcontractor decided to not only grind down the roots (well done) but to chuck any mud, twigs and general waste over the fences into two of our neighbouring gardens (naughty stump grinder). He also didn’t clean up our garden or rake it to make it relatively flat.

So, after going into serious damage control with our neighbours (I mean, I was completely mortified that this happened and felt so bad for them) and cleaning what we could, the tree lopping guy (Wayne) did the right thing and took over responsibility with our neighbours cleaning work. For example, one yard had twigs and dirt in the pool and mud piles on the patio which – Hubby was able to clean with our pressure hose – but professional cleaning was obviously needed for the pool part, it was very overwhelming as you can appreciate. Wayne was as shocked and annoyed as we were and unfortunately for us the stump grinder was filling in for his normal guy and ours was his first job.

Little Man watching the guys lopping trees - they did a great job.
Little Man watching the guys lopping trees – they did a great job.

Luckily everyone involved has been very understanding that it wasn’t our fault and I’m sure Little Man handing over freshly baked muffins and brownies helped considerably. I always knew this was a friendly suburb but it’s been confirmed that I have great people living around me, because it could have gone either way.

This is the "after" of the garden bed you can see through the window (above).
This is the “after stump grinding” of the garden bed you can see through the window (above).

And that’s it for now. We are still in the process of discussing with landscapers about what to do with the front garden, I mean, I want it to look modern, sleek, but still in-keeping with the suburb and also ridiculously cheap and completed in record time. Hang on, after reading back that last sentence – is that why I’m not allowed to do the talking when people come out to quote us? “Hubby… Hubby…”.

I think we are going with a father-son landscaping team who worked on my friends yard, and who seem to understand our ideas and budget. The first landscaper I saw said his quote was slightly over “at $20,000” and I was like, “erm, I think you have our budget confused with the Queen’s”. Needless to say he will not be asked to do the work for us.

Any who, we have some ideas about what to do in the back garden including planting a lime tree next to our existing lemon tree and adding some vegetables and herbs next to the patio area for, erm, “easy picking”, hahaha, oh how I amuse myself.

And lastly, we are getting new gates installed on Monday and I am beyond excited, People. I will post pictures some time next week (oh the suspense!).

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    1. Thanks – we still have a lot of work to do but it’s coming along. I’m just really excited about buying a new post box – oh how my eighteen year old self would cringe!!!

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