Little Man is a very lucky… er… little man. It was his first birthday recently and we had the BEST DAY, (again, I’m using capitals to get my point across).

We all woke early and LM opened some gifts and chatted to his Auntie C and Uncle J on Skype.

LM received the most amazing gift from his baby friend, Eva – a hooded jumper with…. drum roll please… an Ewok on the back!!! My friend (Eva’s Mum), J, is the most thoughtful person and had it made for him because she noticed that even though he had lots of Star Wars t-shirts to match his Dad, none had Ewoks on them. I’m thinking I should get one for our week of coordinated dress.

After a big morning nap (dreaming of Wicket I’m sure) we left for his swimming lesson which was the first time Daddy had been able to do it with him. We swung by to pick up Hubby’s mum (LM’s Nan) for moral support.

After swimming we headed back to Nan and Pa’s house for a birthday lunch where LM opened a few more gifts before eating. Then it was time for the ride home and another nap before playing with his new toys – including a bubble machine…

I can’t believe how quick this past twelve months has flown. Throughout the day we kept saying, “what were we doing this time last year?” and the memories came flooding back like it was yesterday. The first few months were such a blur due to being so sleep deprived but I wouldn’t change a thing. Every day gets better and better and I look forward to many more birthdays and wonder filled years. You can read my letter (marking the milestone) to LM here.

Until next time,


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