Most days I’m carrying out chores like doing washing, cleaning and tidying and this invariably takes me to all different corners of the house and sometimes I find myself walking back and forth multiple times. It never ceases to amaze me where I find Oscar on these travels.

Sometimes I turn around in my desk chair and he has stealthily been lying directly behind it:

I walk in to the laundry and he’s asleep on top of the washing machine:

Sometimes I just see a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye and realise that my towel-come-bath-mat hasn’t simply turned grey:

He prefers sunbeams:

And damp things like bath mats or recently used towels put in the laundry.

But he’ll also settle for the edge of a rug…

A dining room chair:

The sofa:

The back of the sofa:

Under our bed:

On the bed:

Or on the dining table:

Anywhere on the floor will also do…

He has even claimed Little Mans old play-mat.

They say cats love particular spots and normally they just pick a couple but as you can see, Oscar has amassed a whole house worth of “favourite spots”. This is the main reason we won’t ever be able to downsize.

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