I got thinking this morning about how much my life has changed since having you in it and I wanted to share a few words with you. Love Is….

Giving you the clothes off my back… literally. One winter morning walk I misjudged how cold it was and upon seeing you shivering I didn’t think twice about unzipping my hoodie and wrapping it around you like a blanket. Even though I was just in a singlet the cold didn’t bother me as long as I knew you were okay.

Letting you be you. And if you want to make a nest out of odd socks and feminine hygiene products in your wardrobe then who am I to stop you?

Allowing you to choose what we watch on TV. Even if I can now recite Monsters University by heart.

Sharing. Moments on the toilet. Cups of tea. Any food item.

Explaining. Why we do and don’t do things (like licking fly screens). Why you can’t play with Mummy’s camera but how you can be a big help by holding the lens cap – one day I will show you how it all works, I promise.

Above all, Love Is what I feel for you every waking moment. I miss you when you go to bed at night and even though I sometimes wish the 6am wake up call was at 7am, I always look forward to seeing you. I love the innocence you bring to our life, the fun you fit into our day and the beauty of how you must see the world.

The thought of you starting school fills me with dread because I know how much I’ll miss you. I worry that you will eventually leave home and head straight to the UK and I won’t be able to see you in person. I may as well tell you now that I worry I’ll be an overbearing mother! If it turns out I’m heading this way please tell me to get a reality check because love is also being honest and true to the people around you and them letting you have the courage to do what you feel you have to do in life – wherever that may take you.

A parent loves their child but it’s rarely spoken about how they also fall in love with them. I am utterly in love with you Little Man – forever and ever.

Love Mama x


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