Six months today since the girls were born.

My pregnancy included ten weeks of knowing about one of them. Twenty weeks knowing about both of them.

Six months of relief and gratitude knowing that they made it, we made it.

Six months of learning about premature babies.

Four months is their corrected age.

Thirty three day NICU stay.

Two nights of rooming in hospital for a Mummy sleepover.

One hundred and forty seven days of being home.

Four redheads in the house 🤘🏻

One adoring AND adored big brother.

One doting Dad.

One Mum who still can’t quite believe that she has such a beautiful family.

One cat to rule them all.

Countless nappies, one express machine, eight bottles and dozens of formula tins.

Six cardigans, a thousand onesies and ten pretty dresses.

Hundreds of smiles and a few fits of giggles.

An infinite amount of love. K x



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