I’ve started noticing a trend on my personal Facebook feed and that is lots of click-bait links to articles telling me how I can improve on pretty much everything to do with my parenting skillzzzzz.

Now, it may be the sleep deprevation, and maybe I have taken this all a bit too personally, because I just feel the need to say a resounding eff off to all of them.

I don’t need to read about how I can be a better parent in ten easy steps because all of my kids are dressed and fed and I’m pretty amazed I’ve accomplished that much on some days. I even managed to get an apple into Little Man this morning *high fives self*.

I recently saw a link about how I could be killing my child’s creativity. Well, Little Man paints and draws so much that when he runs out of paper he moves on to his feet. Seriously, you should see his green toes. He loves his sticker books so much that he decorates our furniture and dances like everyone’s watching whenever music comes on. We hear him talking and singing to himself at night so I’d say he’s doing just fine with little effort on my part.

An interesting article about raising feminist boys – much of which I actually agreed with – spoke about teaching body awareness, having play dates with girls, buying dolls, playing house etc. But to me, this isn’t raising “feminist boys” it’s just raising children in general. Boys AND girls need to be taught that their body belongs to them and no one else, to be involved with house chores and to simply enjoy playing with one another and whatever toys they like, be it dolls or cars.

I think our generation tends to over complicate things, especially with access to a wealth of information at our fingertips.


My main parenting goals are to teach my children to know right from wrong, to be aware and respectful of gender, the LBGT community, religion, race and simply be a good person who understands empathy and can show compassion. I don’t need to do research on how to accomplish this because it’s just how everyone should be, and yes, I also realise how naive this way of thinking might make me sound to some. If it’s just the expected and applied norm from birth then our children know no different.

Raising kids with certain types of values shouldn’t be hard, so let’s stop pretending it is.

Until next time,


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