Hi guys,

It’s been a while – again. Sorry about that. We’ve had the lurgy, long days and I’ve been busy with photo-shoots. Nothing much to complain about, well, maybe except the sickness, but apart from that things have been a good kind of busy.

I’ve been thinking about whether I should keep the blog, since it’s no longer my main source of income and I apparently don’t seem to have much time for it. BUT, I can’t bear to let it go. I miss writing and connecting with all of you. In my absence, I’ve been longing to reach out to this beautiful community. I miss chatting about what we’ve been up to and sharing my thoughts on random things. In all honesty I know there are probably only a handful of people that have missed my posts (hi, Mum and Dad) but that’s not really the point, is it?

Here I am, writing complete nonsense but I’m also kinda’ loving it!


Working for my photography business, mainly. Although it’s been going really well, it’s also been a huge adjustment for us here at home. Hubby has been getting used to looking after the kids all weekend (not to imply that he’s never looked after them or done his share, he certainly has!) and neither of us have really enjoyed the lack of sleep and downtime! This weekend was the first one I’ve had off in a few months and we’ve had a great time.

We didn’t even do anything terribly exciting.

Yesterday morning we visited a kitchen showroom to get some inspiration for our renovation that we hope to take place within the next hundred years. The kids had a great time continually running around an island in a typical cartoon fashion, so we’re thinking of adding one to wear the little buggers out.

We then went to a homemaker center to look at sofas and have a proper sit down – the first in two and a half years, I might add. We got lucky and the kids scored some free cupcakes, face painting and we finished off with a play in a small park.

As Hubby and I watched the girls hair rise from static created off the slide, we chatted about the lovely furniture we’d hope to get one day. Like when the children move out, for example. We decided to keep our torn up leather couch and fabric sofa with the missing cushions and springs collapsing for a few more years.


Well, today I really wanted to revisit my blog. I feel like my writing is desperately out of practice but hey-ho, I’m sure you’ve read worse from me! *nervous smile*

I also wanted to let everyone know that we’re okay – we do have some medical stuff to update you on but I’ll save that for another time. I hope to get back to some sort of posting schedule, even though it may be less frequent than before. Perhaps a weekly thing?

Until then, thanks for reading, I hope you’re well and I’ll see you soon!

K x

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