Anxiety is eating away at my stomach today, so I’ve been keeping busy. In between a few phone calls regarding various medical things for Little Red, I’m also waiting patiently for a nurse to call to discuss the MRI prep.

I’ve just had some toast, my first food of the day and I’m not sure how well it’s sitting. So I thought I’d write this and take my mind off everything.

The slow cooker is on making a batch of Hubby’s work lunches. A chocolate cake is cooling on a rack. Before all that I’d nipped to the shops with the girls to grab a few things. I couldn’t help indulge in a tiny bit of retail therapy too!


The black Herman Munster trainers are for Little Red, to be combined with her orthotics and hopefully help her gait. The pink jelly sandals are for Copperhead, well, just because. The turquoise croc sandals are for beach days and when they’ll have swimming.

Still feeling a bit funny. Maybe I should have got the girls a few dresses as well…!

K x

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