I’m a little annoyed as I had a post all written out for you and then it got replaced by one I’d already posted. Don’t ask me how but after spending some time trying to retrieve the information I can’t. So, I’ll just try to recreate it but I feel it was truly my BEST WORK EVER. Gah! Apologies for the substandard drivel you are about to read!

There isn’t actually much to report except I forgot to mention that Little Man poked me in the eye on the day that my computer got a wash and sometimes it still feels like it’s burning. Being a typical English person I have run it under a cold tap and am now convinced that this is all it needs to completely heal itself.

My friend sent me a link to a French website where the crafter does some Origami to go around a vase. It looks pretty cool and I think I can do it just by following the instructional photos. I’ll be sure to post about it if I give it a go. It also gave me time to brush up on my French for which I will now demonstrate…

*clears throat*

“J’adore chat” (I love cat).

I know, I know, I should have mentioned I was bilingual.

We also went to the beach last week and, as I perched on a grassy knoll, I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I diligently snapped away at Hubby and Little Man paddling at the waters edge. Until later that day when we got home and quickly realised it wasn’t actually them. Hence I will not be sharing those photo’s with you or boasting about my eye for detail.

I’m also considering adding another poll where I list possible post subjects and let my readers decide on what I should write about. It will of course be informative and educational. Potential topics so far are Oscar thinks he’s human and Sharknado. Thoughts?

Until next time,




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