For most people health and weight are very much intertwined and I’m no exception to that. I’ve suffered with blood sugar issues due to my PCOS for most of my adult life (think Type 2 diabetic). I get shakes, retching, sweating and indescribable hunger if I don’t somewhat follow a low-GI diet.

I also carry most of my excess weight around my middle and have a fatty liver caused by insulin issues. A high percentage of women with PCOS are deemed overweight.

The PCOS also makes it so I don’t ovulate, meaning I don’t menstruate regularly. Doctors always tell me that women with a regular cycle would be jealous of this but in fact it means I’m more at risk of certain types of cancer. An option is to go on birth control quite soon to help regulate. Should I do this my hormones would have been on a wild ride since I was 16. After all the fertility treatment and several years of being pregnant I’m not too keen to get on a whole new hormone roller-coaster.

All my life I’ve struggled with the fall out of having this syndrome. However what did help with managing all the symptoms of my PCOS was exercise and for the short time I went to the gym, I LOVED every minute of it.

Me? Who’d have funked it?

I used to do five classes over four days a week. Zumba, yoga, body balance and a step class. It was time for me, I met other people and, perhaps the most significantly, it regulated my cycle and improved my mental health. I joined at a time when I was carrying so much grief, anger and baby baggage and, what with the interstate move, I was genuinely upset to leave. Due to the high risk twin pregnancy that level of exercise wasn’t an option and, although my weight remained under control, I missed it.

I believe exercising is how I managed to get pregnant with the twins. I went from an annual cycle to a 35 day one. My blood sugar also remained steady and I didn’t have a horrible episode of feeling like I was going to pass out. Even then weight loss wasn’t my overall goal. FITNESS and being able to run after my son was.

The girls were born in mid-January and I lost weight visiting NICU and with general stress. Since coming home I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch – which I don’t mind, my couch is awesome and I love spending the day cuddling my babies while watching Netflix – but I’ve developed some unhealthy eating habits like having chocolate at lunch AND dinner and plain old lack of portion control. I need to change my complacency now before it gets out of hand.

One thing you will always get from me is honesty, and the truth is I don’t care if I have love handles, a permanent belly or saggy breasts. In the grand scheme of things these are way down on my list of priorities. In fact I’m not even too sure they make the list. But my HEALTH is so very, very important. I want to see my kids have kids, you’know?


So this current weight loss journey isn’t about fitting into a certain dress size or feeling pressure to slim down as a new mum, it never has been. It’s about my body working correctly and, for the sake of Future Katie, me needing it to. K x

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