I recently watched an episode of Postman Pat (with Little Man – not on my own because I’m into that kind of thing) and first, here is the plot of the episode so you know what I’m talking about…

Pat is about to go on holiday, as is the whole village, with his son via train. On the day they are due to set off Pat, unfortunately, gets an urgent phone call from his boss saying that they have a special delivery that simply must happen asap. Luckily Pat is already in his uniform and has no trouble reassuring his son that he will make the holiday after he completes his delivery. It turns out a mad old lady (who we’ll call Mrs LM – LM is for Lost Marbles) has accidentally posted her handbag and with tickets to the holiday train in full view, Pat immediately understands why he has been called in to work. They try desperately to track Mrs LM down. Meanwhile she is at the train station having some kind of breakdown over the lost handbag and jabbering away in a Scottish accent (this fact is important). After failing to locate Mrs LM, Pat has no choice but to get in his helicopter and speed all the way to the train station where he happily reunites bag and owner. Just at that moment Pat’s boss also appears with Mrs LM’s dog (a Scottish Terrier) who she had left in the Post Office. They all have a good laugh and Pat, his son and Mrs LM all make their holiday. Pat is still in his uniform of course.

Five Facts I Didn’t Know Before Watching

1. Postal workers have no other clothes;

2. All small villages desperately need a postal helicopter;

3. You don’t ever have to be concerned for the local pensioner’s well-being – even after she posts her handbag and leaves her dog in the Post Office;

4. Scottish people own Scottish Terriers;

5. Pat is happy to let down his son and return to work even though his employer clearly should have made arrangements for his annual leave to be sufficiently covered.

I think we’ll stick to Thomas the Tank Engine and Shaun the Sheep in future.

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