I recently mentioned my parents were visiting but didn’t say at the time because I didn’t want to alert the burglars, but now they are safely back at home (and I’m done moping) I can tell you about all the things we got up to. This will probably be over several posts titled: Folks on Vacation.

Firstly one of the things you already know about The Mothership is that she is crafty (hello Poopsicle) and one of the things you may not know is that she is also good on the old sewing machine. She asked me to get her some jobs ready (because, apparently, being with me during your holiday is relatively boring) so I did. A whole bags worth of stuff plus more.

After seeing a picture on Pinterest (where else?) I decided I’d like some pom poms on my curtains – I mean, who wouldn’t want this, right? So my Dad, Little Man and I went off out for the morning and when we returned it appeared that part of my home had been replaced with a small sweatshop containing a very red faced English woman. Apparently this job was turning out to be rather fidley but as I kept saying, I had trust that she would be able to pull it off. As well as put a zip in my bag and recover a stool.

LM immediately went over and started to help by playing in the curtains.

Don’t they look awesome? I’m very happy with the result even if it did cost The Mothership several hours and a dozen cups of tea.

Stay tuned for more Folks on Vacation!

Until next time,



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