I recently wrote about why October 15 is special and maybe it was just a coincidence that it fell on the first Saturday where I didn’t feel “unwell”.

Lately I’ve been feeling happy, rational and like my normal self. It’s as if the PND cloud has lifted. I’m more patient, less tired and coping with parenthood differently. I don’t know if I’m completely out of the woods yet but I’d say I’m getting close.

I think a big difference is that we’re actively moving forward with our landscaping, getting the garden cleared out and child friendly. At the moment it has numerous dead and pest trees, sharp vines and big concrete steps leading up to back door. It’s pretty much the opposite of how I would like to be. We have plans to put in a deck (over the dangerous stairs) and add a garden bed along the perimeter that will include trees and plants for privacy as well as new fencing and gates for security. I’m ridiculously excited! I have visions of the kids playing outside, knowing it’s safe, and having friends over for BBQ’s.

It’s something we’ve been talking about since we originally inspected the house last November. We thought we had at least six weeks before the girls arrival to make changes but little did we know they’d come before settlement! Our lives have been on hold so much this year because it’s near to impossible to actually do anything more than the essentials. Financially we’ve been hit hard by medical stuff so we put nearly all of our plans on pause. But, with the girls becoming healthier and more independent, combined with the warmer weather, we can start to get the house straight and make it our own.

It’s not just about when it’s finished though. I’m looking forward to making memories by planting with Little Man while the girls play on the grass. I’m excited about watching him and Hubby tackle a retaining wall, both of their tool kits lying near by, and supplying refreshing drinks. I know we’ll feel a sense of pride at the end when we can sit and eat outside in the evening and look at all we’ve achieved – a bright and welcoming family garden complete with laughter, love and happiness. K x


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