I’m currently taking five in the bedroom as Hubby watches the kids. I’ve not felt the need to do this, or even utter the words “I’m feeling a bit mental healthy”, in a while. But it’s been a pretty full on day, at least I FEEL like it has.


This morning started with me trying to make breakfast for everyone with a tragically small amount of food in the house. However I managed to be creative for the kids packed lunches and made quite a healthy cooler bag of meals and snacks for our morning out. During this time I also tried to get some washing on the line. Fun fun.

Two and a half hours went like that *clicks fingers*. But it was still jam packed full of work and negotiations with a certain Little Miss Copperhead. The other two were brilliantly behaved but when C doesn’t want to do something there is absolutely no budging with her.

I could see the finish line, that is getting suncreamed up, putting shoes and hats on and actually making our way to the car. The Little’s dutifully held their limbs out for me while Copperhead tried to insert herself behind the Christmas tree. Man, those fudgers are SHARP! I learned this as I tried desperately to cream her up though the needles until my plan backfired and her arm and my hands created the slipperiest surface known to man. Or mum.

Next it was shoes. Simple enough right? The first two, yep. But C likes to do this thing where she webs her toes out so they continually stick through the holes in her sandals. But finally, FINALLY, we were on our way to the car.

Down the garden path the kids went, full of excitement and laughter while I carried a hundred bags and several water bottles. I couldn’t really see so pretty much made my way via my other senses. Little Man gets in and I strap Little Red. Two outta’ three ain’t bad, huh? Copperhead climbs in by herself because heaven forbid you try and help her. She’s been content with just getting in but today she objected to me strapping her in. She planked and planked hard. Complete with screaming, obviously. And so this is generally how the day continued.


We visited a fire station. (I know, you’d have thought I’d be writing about that!) And went to the park before coming home at lunch time. During the drive it started to rain and I remarked, with a bit of a huff I might add, how my washing would get wet. The car was silent for a moment and then Little Man said with the wisdom and calmness of someone far beyond his years, “it’ll dry”.


It made me smile and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Here I was stressing and feeling overwhelmed when all I needed was a bit of perspective. As Hubby has just said to me, the kids are all alive, fed and happy. It’s been a successful day. And with my five minutes almost up, combined with the free therapy writing this, I do feel better.

Perspective. Funny old thing, isn’t it? Kinda’ like perseverance!

K x


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