Recently I was out walking one evening when the local kids accidently fired a soft arrow thing into the lake. What happened next was quite amusing and I shamelessly stood and watched with the pretence I was really interested in what the ducks were doing.

The hero (H), a small boned boy, confidently exclaims that he will get the arrow without getting wet. He proceeds to climb onto the viewing deck and hangs (a little like Spiderman) with one hand outstretched. The arrow is disappointingly around a metre away. Anywho, Child A rallies the others and points out that if they hold onto H’s legs he can reach out further. More kids gather around and they attempt to hold his ankles while H’s back remains perfectly straight in order to reach the arrow.

The group of children shout various cries of encouragement..

Child A: If you fall in you will drown within 10 seconds;

Child B: Can you reach that stick? You can use it to reach the arrow (I feel I must tell you that the stick was further away than the arrow);

Child C: The eel will get you;

Child D: The ducks will get you;

Other harmless creatures are mentioned and I was tempted to tell them about the piranhas but I stayed silent..

Child E: You should be able to touch the bottom and walk out if you fall in;

Child F: Maybe you should take your shoes off.

After ten minutes of this I had to carry on with our route but I’m assuming H was victorious because there was no arrow bobbing in the lake the next morning. Unless, of course, the more likely reason is that the infamous eel that is known to all in the neighbourhood ate it.

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