Well, I say Sydney adventure but really it was just an IKEA adventure that took place in Sydney. We’re actually having a city break now (blog post of our antics coming soon!) and you can follow along on my social media if you wish to see bad selfies, city storms and general happy moments.

Anyway, back to IKEA. The day before our road trip to the greatest flat-packed place on earth, I bribed them both with the promise of breakfast and a hot dog at the end. And also that I would get through “the ordeal” (Hubby’s words not mine) as quickly as possible.

The nearly two hour journey started off easy enough, until I hit my peak around an hour in and became willing to walk the rest of the way if it just got me out of the car. (For those of you that know me, know I am THE WORST passenger ever in the car – especially if it lasts over thirty minutes).

Anyway, we got there and headed straight for breakfast where Little Man charmed the socks off the attractive young girl serving us. The cuteness overload he projects is always the same: big smile, lean in to mum or dad, peak back, uses impeccable manners, waves bye with huge smile.

We (them) then proceeded to test every chair and sofa in the immediate vicinity.

The boys having a good sit!
The boys having a good sit!

This carried on with the beds… including kicking shoes off and generally clambering over each other on every mattress. I tested two mattresses. Firm, which was lovely and we ended up purchasing. Medium Firm, which was embarrassingly hard to get off. Seriously, no one helped an obviously pregnant woman rolling around on a mattress with panic on her face as she contemplated staying there until an employee found her and took pity. Or you’know, was ordered to help by Health and Safety. Or, probably the easiest thing to do would be to simply carry her out to her car on the mattress before gently sliding her into the passenger seat, or, at a push, the Ute tray.

I’m now going to stop talking about myself like some deranged lady clinging to an IKEA mattress as if her life depended on it. Hurrah!

The boys making themselves at home in the bed section.
The boys making themselves at home in the bed section.

As we approached the kitchen area Little Man tried to open every fridge for “nom nom”.

I purchased a few things for the twins – namely two adorable tiny chairs, a rocking moose, cat rattles and a block stacking toy. Little Man has claimed most of them as his own, perhaps a sign of things to come?

Then I accidentally spent $20 on pick’a’mix for the road trip back. How do you accidentally spend money on sweets I hear you ask. Well, it’s pretty simples, if you leave me alone at a sweet counter it’s gonna’ happen m’kay?

Moving on, we also got chatting to a lovely woman who told us she had twins who were now aged twenty. She asked what names we had in mind and so we told her and she exclaimed how much she loved them – that felt pretty good. We don’t normally share names as people can be pretty judgmental and opinionated because they seem to forget that the child will one day exist. I mean, no one ever really says it after the kid is born (because it’s too late and if they did, well, they can just jog on) so to be safe we tend to be quite private about it. She told us her children’s names and we absolutely loved one so I think we may steal it!

And that’s about it…

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