I recently read this post over at My Perfect Breakdown and it reminded me about Oscar’s behaviour during my pregnancy with Little Man and also my miscarriages.

The weekend I went into labour it was hot and I was literally beached (yes, as in the whale) on the couch watching numerous episodes of Midsomer Murder and Oscar assumed the perfect place to lie for several hours would be my swollen belly. Little Man would kick him so we assumed it was like he was getting a mini-massage but looking back I think he knew. He knew what was about to happen.

On the recent Wednesday night when I had the most horrendous cramps he would not leave me alone. He kept following me about, lying on me on the sofa and then following me to bed and getting all up in my business. It was like he had to be near me at all times with an obvious desperation to lie on me – specifically my tummy area. He was like my little hot water bottle and didn’t even need me to continually stroke him in order to stay.

The next morning he was my shadow again and although his stalking eased slightly over the following days he still stayed pretty close to me. Now he is back to sleeping on top of the washing machine.

I really believe he knew what was happening. Maybe it was my smell or my posture changing with the cramps, or maybe he knew I needed him on a different level. Either way, this display mimicked his behaviour when I lost Yogi.

I wonder if he knows how much of a comfort to me he is. How his physical warmth was so appreciated as well as the calming effect of his gentle purring. I wonder if he knows that he kept me alive during my darkest time after Z (second miscarriage) when I did contemplate that this world may not need me. But I knew that he did and so it took that terrifying option away.

People say cats are selfish and independent but I beg to differ. Oscar has never left my side during my hour of need, he is as good as a guard dog and I would know if someone was in my house due to his behaviour, he loves LM and I’m sure his heart would break if I was to work full time hours again and leave him home alone.

A mentions a possibility that her dog could be psychic or maybe just intuitive. I don’t think Oscar is psychic but he is most definitely aware of what’s going on around him, sometimes even before we are.

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  1. Great post! I love how so many of us with pets watch their behaviour so closely. Even when its not related to fertility our animals tell us so much in there own way.
    I think my favourite part of this post is your very last sentence – “I don’t think Oscar is psychic but he is most definitely aware of what’s going on around him, sometimes even before we are.” I think you nailed it, our dog isn’t necessarily psychic, she just seems to be aware of what’s going on sometimes before we do.

    1. Thank you. I’ve been wanting to write something like it for a while and your post reminded me. I really believe animals know stuff before we humans can see it. I wouldn’t trade his intuition for the world, but I guess we need to stop analysing their every movement from now on! Lol

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