I hope everyone has had a great Easter and long weekend. I’m not going to spend much time talking about it, sharing chocolate egg photos and all that jazz because I’ve already had my fill… geddit’? My FILL? Oh how I live for double entendres and bad jokes.

Anywho, what I should probably mention is how this post might possibly be full of metaphorical BS. Especially in how I’m planning to use the analogy of a foggy morning at the beach and me emerging victorious from the first two years of twin parenthood. Damn, well I suppose I may have ruined it now? Oh well, I guess I’ll just carry on blabbing away instead…


So, on Easter Sunday morning, we went down to Nobby’s Beach (and the famous lighthouse). We’d talked up how beautiful it was to our friends but it was so foggy they couldn’t see it! We could hear though, as it blasted it’s horn. Copperhead kept making the honking noise in time with it while some of the other kiddies got a bit freaked out. Understandable really, since it did look and feel quite eerie and very much like the start of a horror movie.

According to Katie ONE FOGGY MORNING

According to Katie ONE FOGGY MORNING

According to Katie ONE FOGGY MORNING

The walk was lovely though, and feeling the cool fresh air on your face is always a pleasure. I love the weather down here in Newcastle, and what with daylight savings now changed it really is starting to feel like the start of winter is nearly here.


These past few weeks, the plans for my photography business are starting to come into fruition. I’ve been working behind the scenes on setting up my site, lining up sessions to help build my portfolio and basically getting back into the swing of things.

As some of you will remember, if you’ve been reading for a while (thank you so much for hanging in there all this time by the way!), that waaaaaay back before I got pregnant with the girls, was when I was gaining momentum to launch. Due to early morning sickness, moving interstate and then their arrival, I reckon it was at least eight months that I didn’t even pick up my camera. I’m not sure I used it a lot last year either.

I feel a bit out of practice with it all. My eye is rusty, my memory of how to use my camera is lacking and quite frankly I feel like I’m back to square one. I’m more than okay with learning, but it is frustrating too. Especially since I have really high standards so I want to make sure I’m feeling confident before making my new business venture official.


Much like the fog, that slowly eased away as the morning wore on, I too am emerging from my own personal fog. Just like the lighthouse, honking with stoic determination…

No, I’m kidding! I have no idea where that was going!

All I need to say is that I’m just going to keep practicing on my photography. How was your weekend?

K x


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