Hey there, I’ll just jump right into the heavy stuff by saying I’ve not blogged for two weeks (on here anyway) because I’ve simply not had the motivation or time. I’ve had things I’ve wanted to talk about but in all honesty the thought of posting stuff sometimes frightens me. Blogging puts you out there and I just feel oh so vulnerable at the moment.

I’ve continued to post on my photo blog because it’s easy. Easy in that I simply take my photographs, edit them and post. Sometimes I don’t really write anything. It makes me happy, it indulges my hobby and sometimes it makes me feel worlds away from my own. I can get lost in my images and those of others, for a brief time it’s all about the art and I need that.

I’ve always considered this blog to be my voice and heart. There is a community here that I have relied on time and time again and, as well as the photography world, I really need that too.

I’ve been going to the gym a lot and I’ll write about how I’m getting on in a different post but I will say someone totally stole my dancing moves from ten years ago and created Zumba. I’ve also started art therapy and I have written about it but I’ve been a little apprehensive about posting it – again, just that vulnerable feeling surrounding me lately.

I guess I just wanted to let you all know I’m still here and okay, I just needed a time out for a week or two.

Thanks for reading…

Until next time,


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