Last weekend we visited the Newcastle Museum and wouldn’t you know? A dinosaur exhibition was on!

Little Man loved the steam train near the entrance and the toddler soft play area. There was also an interactive science bit where he continually LIFTED a small car all by himself! We couldn’t steer him away (geddit?)

Then it was onto the dinosaurs… The awesome globe in the post cover photo is this huge, well, globe that hovers above you as you enter. I’d totally love one above my dining room table.

A touching photo of Hubby using Little Man as a shield while a tiny compy from the dinosaur interactive exhibit eyes us up. Also a really flattering view of the baby bump!

Then, after duitfully checking the halls for a roaming T-Rex it was onto the history part where Little Man sat in all of the seats on an old tram. So that was fun!

And of course, all of the windows needed testing…

And finally, upon leaving, we saw this beautiful mural and when discussing if we should get a photo Hubby naturally assumed I meant him and LM.

Then it was on to Hogs Breath (an awesome steak bar and grill place) for a farewell lunch with my folks.

A great morning and one we’ll do again fairly soon I think.

Until next time,


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