After a lovely two week holiday at Nan and Pa’s, Little Man and I finally boarded the plane to bring us to New South Wales, Hubby and domestic bliss. Of course it wasn’t all smooth sailing, especially when some teenage girl at the airport who was riding high on her power trip and clipboard told me I had to get in a special queue because I was travelling with an infant. Oh and that he needed some form of identification proving his date of birth and the only thing I had on me was his driving licence from our trip to Movie World a few months ago.

Now, as I have previously mentioned, I hate travelling. Of any kind. Little Man however couldn’t have been more excited for his plane trip and was a complete legend on the flight. We coloured in, ate about a kilo of banana bread that Nan had packed us off with and studied the safety chart for over twenty minutes. I now feel totally confident that Little Man could get me out safely should the worst happen in a flight.

We landed early which was great and LM was so excited to see his Daddy. He was also equally, if not more so, excited to see his car seat arrive on the conveyor belt and promptly smothered it in kisses. An act that still eludes me to this day.

Anyway, we made it to the house and I was happy to see that Hubby had done a great job setting it up for us. It felt so good to see Oscar and LM loved playing with all his toys again. The only thing was it smelt completely of dogs. Like of the wet kind variety. Hubby assured me it didn’t but my spidey senses don’t lie and this was confirmed when we later found about three hundred of their special logs under the decking in the back yard. Thankfully my special vanilla-caramel candle got rid of the smell within a few days.

It was not without it’s hiccups though what with me having a semi-breakdown on Sunday night because I missed Nan and Pa, our old home and Queensland. Between sobs I tried to tell Hubby that I felt unsettled and anxious but I’m pretty sure he couldn’t really understand me. On Monday night it was LM’s turn for a big cry but I think we turned a corner yesterday when we visited the most gorgeous beach I have ever had the pleasure to visit.

And that’s about it I think. I’ve been busy looking for playgroups, rearranging the kitchen cupboards and doing washing etc. I’ve also been looking for houses to buy as I’m pretty keen to get in and nest before the twins come. Thankfully we have quite a few suburbs we like so at least we’re not just sticking to a relatively small area but competition seems a bit fierce around these parts. I also spoke to a real estate agent about a house who did the usual “where are you from?” routine. When I said my hometown he replied that his mum was from Birmingham and that she sounds like me. I’ve never been so insulted in my life and decided not to continue with the home inspection. Of course I say this in jest. But not really.

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